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Omada.wine Presale

Natural wines on limited presale for Omada Social Club members only

New arrivals from Olga des Grottes & Bert Van Wassenhove

After having tasted samples of the 2021 vintage earlier this year, we managed to get our hands on a bigger allocation of Olga des Grottes & Bert Van Wassenhove’s wines than we expected.

So now Omada Social Club members and subscribers to our newsletter get a one-off chance to tap in on this very limited allocation before the restaurants and natural wine bars in Copenhagen and beyond will be getting the offer.

Here’s what’s coming

  • Not to forget, Bert van Wassenhove made a herbal and floral pét-nat or “frénette” called Supercopter. A direct press of Gamay blended with ash tree juice that’s infused with wild herbs and re-fermented by the bottle. Only 700 bottles made.
  • Your bag is empty, but your wallet is full.