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Dimon 2020 – Katla Wines

Katla Wines

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Dimon 2020 is a light orange wine with a fresh acidity and real punch to it. Light and fruity tannins and overtones of ginger and sandalwood.

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From the notebook

We’ll just let Jas speak for herself:

May I introduce you to Dimon! Dimon is a wine made out of macerated partly destemmed Pinot Gris and direct pressed Riesling. In comparison to Fennefoss (my other “orange”), less aromatic but stronger in acidity and lighter in texture due to the Riesling. 

Super flexible wine for diverse occasions:

Works in the sun with your friends, works for Sunday lunch, brunch with your in-laws, if you want to impress this hot person you have been having your eye on, Dimon is the only logical wine to chose.

Some reviews:

“102 points” – my mum.

“I like, I like, I like…. Beautiful” – Jan.

“Woof” – Simba.

Anyway Dimon is actually a combination of two mountains in Iceland. “StĂłra dimon” and “litla dimon”, big and small Dimon, where I used to go with a very special friend. Pinot gris is stĂłra dimon, Riesling litla dimon. 

And really this wine is a dedication to my friend Matt. Dimon was our tiny mountain, our adventure hub. I miss you dude.

On the picture, snow and boulders of Hveragerði during the record snowfall in 2017. 

The nitty-gritty









25 hl/ha




Smashed grapes, Semi-carbonic, Directly pressed, Foudre, Short maceration, Whole bunch


Sulphur added




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