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Carrousel de Tête

Carrousel de Tête is a semi-professional low intervention wine project that Frederic Groß and his family have been running since 2018. However, they actually earn their bread and butter running a design studio in Palatinate, where everything revolves around wine. A lot of their friends were either winemakers, restaurateurs, wine merchants or at least drinkers, so they kind of grew into it too.

In 2018, it happened that they could take over an old vineyard about 40 years old, only 0.12ha from the other family property. Stocked with Riesling and Silvaner. That was the start of the wine production of Carrousel de Tête, with a lot of support from friends, since they initially had more idea about drinking than about making. Currently in the project is Frederic’s family and a buddy who supports them in the vineyard with know-how.

Since 2020, Carrousel de Tête have expanded the area again with family vineyards in Deidesheim and Meckenheim. They are currently operating just under 0.5 hectares, and that’s all they want to do for the time being. From this year, there are additional project wines with friends (Lukas Hammelmann, Seckinger and Ralf Härtel among others) that expand the Carrousel. Carrousel de Tête is a fun project for all, a playground and laboratory – for all who play here. 

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