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Le Haut Planty

Le Haut Planty is a family estate situated in Le Landreau, a small village 25 kilometers south of Nantes, on the southern side of the Loire river.

The domain is run by the brothers Christian and Alain Couillaud and has been in the family for generations. Back in 2005 the two brothers began a gradual conversion towards organic farming and today all 20 hectares of land are fully converted. Their vineyards are mostly planted with Melon de Bourgogne, but they also cultivate Folle Blanche and the rare indigenous blue grape variety Abouriou. Christian is the one in charge of farming the land, while Alain, who is the more extrovert of the two, takes care of the vinification process that has now gone 100% natural.

Alain has set his mind on proving to the world that natural wines made on the basis of the indigenous grape Melon de Bourgogne can show the true potential of the Atlantic micro climate and the mineral terroir of the Muscadet.  

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