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What is Omada?

In Greek, Omáda (ομάδα) means a club or a group of people or friends – and that’s what omada.wine is all about.

The cooperative was founded by a diverse group of people with one thing in common: the love of all things natural wine!

Omada is an open and inclusive club with or without membership that’s tied together by a dedication to authentic, honest and sustainable winemaking. But perhaps most importantly: an inexhaustible appetite for all the natural wine that’s fit to drink!

Omada offers a curated selection of natural wines, fruity pét-nats and other good stuff brought right to your doorstep – no matter if you live in Copenhagen, Stockholm or Bratislava.

All things natural

Omada.wine is 100% natural. All of our wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts and made without any additives out of the low intervention-principle of nothing being added and nothing removed.

However, this is only possible with a very high quality of juice and thus the winemakers we work with cultivate their vineyards in a respectful way that helps to maintain a healthy soil and to sustain a diverse microbiological life in the vineyard. Sure, it’s much harder work not to use pesticides, herbicides and what-not, but if you ask us, the results of organic and biodynamic farming are nothing short of amazing.

Each and every bottle in our shop reflects a particular time and place, as well as the passionate people who have dedicated their lives to making them – and that’s something that matters to us.

All the natural wine that’s fit to drink

When we talk about natural wine, we use the term in its broadest possible sense, as all things fermented; be it grapes, white, grey or blue, apples, pears or plums. Really, we don’t care what it’s made of, as long as it’s fit to drink!

But what exactly does that mean? Well, the French have a pretty good word for it (as they often do) when they speak of a wine that’s salivant, a term that translates into a wine that makes your mouth water. This is a somewhat strange feeling that only people who have some experience with natural wine will recognise. It may be hard to describe, but the feeling is real, and, to us, freshness in wine is always what we search for when we’re out in the world trying to find new winemakers for our portfolio.

Omada Wine Team
The omada.wine team - Photography by Uffe Weng © 2022

Omada is a small cooperative of independent wine professionals and importers based in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark.

Emil Olander is the owner of the natural wine import company Olander Vin based in Aarhus. He is originally schooled as an academic but instead of getting a desk job he decided to fill up a cellar with natural wine and start selling to restaurants and wine bars all over the country. A crazy decision, sure, but something that he soon found out that he wouldn’t change for anything.

Solfinn Danielsen is the owner of the legendary Nørrebro boutique and bar, Rødder & Vin. He is originally trained as a chef but while working his way up on the new wave gastronomical scene in Copenhagen in the mid-00’s, he quickly came to realise that his true passion was for wine. Natural wine, that is. And that was just the beginning of it!

Carl Emil S. Bregnhøi… nobody knows what he really does, but he seems instrumental.

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