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The rare and exclusive natural wines that we only receive on allocation in very limited quantities.

Our current boxes
Boxes by Omada

Boxes by Omada is your chance to explore the current selection of natural wines, fruit pét-nats and other good stuff in our portfolio, all specially curated in bundles of 6 bottles. Brought right to your doorstep, whenever you want.

D.B. Schmitt

Stock up on the limited new arrivals from our heroes D.B. Schmitt from Rheinhessen, Germany.

Bianka and Daniel Schmitt make natural wines that are curious, open and free-spirited while remaining solidly grounded in the German wine tradition with respect for the Rheinhessen soil. These are natural wines that show varietal typicity, origin and an impressive clarity.

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Free shipping in Denmark over €150
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Natural Wine

Our selection of wines is 100% natural with nothing added and nothing removed.

Pick up in Copenhagen

Collect your order at Rødder & Vin, Nørrebro.
Wednesday – Saturday 13:00 – 23:00.

Natural Wine – an open definition

When we talk about natural wine we use the term in its broadest possible sense as all things fermented, be it grapes, white, grey, orange or blue, apples, pears or plums. Really, we don’t care what it’s made of, as long as it’s fit to drink!

But what exactly does that mean, you might ask? Well, the French have a pretty good word for it (as they often do) when they speak of a wine that’s salivant, a term that translates into a wine that makes your mouth water. This is a somewhat strange feeling that only people who have some experience with natural wine will recognise. It might be hard to describe, but the feeling is real, and to the omada.wine team freshness in wine is always what we end up going for when we’re out in world searching for new winemakers for our portfolio.

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