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Antonio Gismondi

Antonio Gismondi is one of the latest additions to our portfolio of winemakers and we’re completely blown away by his fresh,  breezy and precise natural wines.

Antonio is the oldest son from a 10th generation wine growing family with 3 hectares of vineyards situated in Cerreto Sannita in Campania, a couple of hours drive up in the hills from Napoli. For the past generation mama Maria and papa Pascuale have been cultivating the land in the old fashioned way, worked by hand, without use of herbicides or pesticides, and selling their grapes to the local cooperative as many other wine growers in the region have traditionally been doing.

While he was living in Barcelona Antonio got acquainted with Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerosa from Partida Creus (if you know, you know) and fell completely in love with natural wine. And in 2016 it was Massimo who gave the final approval when Antonio presented Massimo with his first attempt to make his own natural wine from the family’s grapes back in Cerreto Sannita.

2019 was Antonio's first commercial vintage with a total production of 40.000 bottles. The following year, however, production dropped to 14.000 bottles due to a difficult vintage.

The family’s vineyards are situated in about 350 meters altitude and are facing South and South-West. The underground consists of limestone and clay and is quite mountainous and rocky. The vineyards are around 30 years old and are planted with Malvasia di Candia, Falanghina, Sangiovese, Merlot and little bit of the grey variety Trebbianno Rossa that makes a beautiful hazy pink rosé when pressed directly. In 2021, Antonio bought another 2 hectares of land on the top of a hill that overlooks the entire valley that he is for the most part going to plant with Agostinella.

We’re so proud to be onboard from the very beginning of this exciting journey!

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