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Gustavs Cider is a Danish cidery started by the acclaimed photographer Søren Rønholt, an all around good guy and a regular at Rødder & Vin who used to have his studio in the courtyard right behind the shop in Nørrebro.

Søren started his cider experiments back in 2015 with the object of making the perfect Nordic apple cider and as a matter of fact his first batch was made in that very same courtyard. 

However, Søren wasn’t all that impressed by the cider that he had made and sought Solfinn’s view on things. The two quickly became friends and by talking with Solfinn about life in general and Gamay, Søren realised that his perfectly fined and filtered cider had lost something important on the way and already the following year Søren decided not to intervene in the vinification process unless it was absolutely necessary in order to rediscover the magic that had been lost.

Ever since Søren has been making perfectly imperfect still and sparkling ciders from apples harvested from wild orchards north of Copenhagen and apples that he buys from Verner Andersen, an idealistic fruit grower who has been running the biodynamic farm Bellingehus without compromise for more than 25 years.

Gustavs Cider are now so good that Solfinn has bought the entire production two years in a row in order to make it a permanent part of the Rødder & Vin stable as inhouse cider.

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