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Karl Sjöström and Mikael Nypelius aka. Fruktstereo make cider and fruit pét-nat from swedish fruit and vegetables, fermented with its natural yeast and without any additives in a bubbling East Berlin-like fruit factory in the old industrial harbour area in Malmö. 

Right from the beginning Fruktstereo has been a value based project and just like the wines, ciders and spirits that Karl and Mikael distribute throughout Sweden via their import company Vinstereo. When they started out in 2016 they wanted to produce cider and fruit pét-nat made in the most sustainable way possible. From a land without pesticides and other chemicals and with no additives or manipulation during production. Authentic products with a clear expression of origin and terroir and with the kind of energetic and buzzing drinkability that you just want to throw it back!

After picking, crushing and pressing the different fruits and/or vegetables Karl and Mikael use neutral fiber glass vessels in order to ferment the juice. However, curious by nature, they have also been experimenting with the use of amphoras for some of their high-end one-tree-ciders. When the fermentation processes has come to an end and the juice is almost dry, they it and let the remaining part of the natural sugars re-ferment in the bottle, something that creates a wild and free bubble or a pét-nat (short for pétillant naturel).

All of the ciders and fruit pét-nats made by Fruktstereo are gently under-carbonated, something that emphasizes the depth and complexity of the fruit instead of it being overshadowed by a stringent and harsh Champagne-like bubble. What all of the Fruktstereo beverages have in common though is their high levels of volatile acidity or VA, and for that reason very high energy – or as they say in Swedish “jätte hög energi” – have over time become a true Fruktstereo signature. 

You should try it out and frukt up your life!

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