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Charbonnières 2018 – Le Mazel

Le Mazel

No Sulfur addedCertified Organic


Charbonnières gives an intense and aromatic bouquet that meets an off-dry mouthfeel with an a fresh and almost effervescent finish. A Chardonnay that’s full of contradictions!

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From the notebook

It took us a lot of years to learn how to love the off-dry whites from Le Mazel. Off-dry being sort of sweet but still dry. It kind of feels like drinking a still pét-nat. You know, very natty, but not so pét.

But with the new arrival of the 2018-vintage, bottled last summer, we’re completely in love! This is super funky at first sip. Then it’s sweet. Then it’s bittersweet & perfectly acidic with a tangy finish. And then you just want more!! 

This contradictory character of this cuvée is exactly what we fell in love with in the very beginning of our adventures into the world of natural wine. 

To call this grown up soda would be diminishing the greatness of this wine by legend of all legends in Ardeche and mentor for all rising starts of the valley. Name any wine maker in Ardeche and they’ll pay tribute to Gérald Oustric, the winemaker behind Le Mazel for nearly a lifetime by now! Just taste one of his wines with 20 years on its back and you’ll understand that we’re talking about true greatness here! But he’s a simple man making simple wines and we love him for it. Cause his wines all drink really well at a young age, and if it tastes good today, why wait until tomorrow right?

The nitty-gritty








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25 hl/ha




Sulphur added





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