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Demi-muids are large, 600-liter oak barrels that are used for aging wine. These barrels are often used for aging full-bodied, high-alcohol wines, such as red wine from the Rhone and Bordeaux regions of France. The name “Demi-muid” comes from the French word for half-barrel, and these barrels are typically larger than standard oak barrels, which hold around 225 liters.

The use of Demi-muids for aging wine imparts a unique flavor profile to the wine due to the larger surface area of oak that the wine comes into contact with. The wood of the barrel will also impart flavors such as vanilla, toast, and caramel to the wine, which is more delicate than the standard oak barrel. Additionally, the size of the barrel allows for a slower and more gradual oxygenation of the wine, which can contribute to the development of complex and nuanced flavors and aromas.

The vinification process for a wine aged in Demi-muids is similar to other wine-making process. The grapes are harvested, sorted, and then fermented in stainless steel tanks or other types of barrel to be then aged in the Demi-muid for a period of time which can vary depending on the winemaker and the style of wine. After aging, the wine is typically bottled and released for sale.

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