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Le Raisin et l'Ange

Antonin Azzoni took over Le Raisin et l’Ange in 2014, about the time when his father Gilles retired to take care of his 1 hectare of vines, sit on his veranda and drink wine. The négoce business that has today become nothing short of legendary is still built around Mas de la Bégude in the small village Saint Maurice d’Ibie situated in the southern part of Ardèche. 

Le Raisin et l’Ange has been certified organic since the early 2000s and all vinification processes have been without added sulphur or any other oenological products since 2006. Just as Gérald Oustric from Le Mazel, Le Raisin et l’Ange has been a first mover in the early stage of the natural wine movement in Ardèche, and the fact that the wines from this desolate region is on everybody’s lips today, is by and large thanks to the efforts of Gilles Azzoni.

A part from a couple of hectares of vineyards, Antonin continues to buy grapes from some of the most scrupulous organic and biodynamic winegrowers from the region including Thomas and Jean-Daniel Ozil, Gérald Oustric and Thierry Doulmet, just to name a few..

Le Raisin et l’Ange as it is today stays 100% true to Gilles’ philosophy on natural winemaking but Antonin seems to have taken it in an even more radical direction. However, he continues to produce highly affordable, easy-drinking and dirty natural wines in the “pur jus” tradition, almost as if it were an anarchistic political statement.   

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