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Les Jardins de Theseiis

Paul-André Risse and Anouk Lavoie-Lamoureux are both trained as biologists, one is from France, the other is from Quebec. At a very early stage in their respective careers as researchers, they got sick and tired of desk jobs and a system that they felt brought them further and further away from their basic values. Brought together by a mutual passion for wine and a desire to work in harmony with nature, they instead decided to become winemakers. 

After having completed a master programme in viticulture and enology in Montpellier and Turin, Paul and Anouk became aware that they wanted to work exclusively with organic and biodynamic viticulture. They gained valuable practical experience at Château Palmer in Bordeaux and at Ferme de la Sansonnière with Mark Angeli in Anjou, they knew that they wanted to settle down in the Loire Valley and make wines that were true to the local tradition. 

It was around that time that Paul and Anouk accidentally tasted a bottled of “Bruno n ‘Côt” and were put in contact with Bruno Allion from Domaine du Pontcher, who was looking for someone to take over his 13 hectares of vineyards and his wine cellar before he could retire. 

Bruno Allion is one of the pioneers in Val de Cher with vineyards cultivated after biodynamic principles and Demeter-certified since 1997 and with a true commitment to natural winemaking.

After their encounter Paul and Anouk eventually agreed to take over 4,9 hectares of Bruno’s vineyards situated on a south-facing hill rolling towards the Cher river and neatly overlooking the belfry of the village church, as well as 1,6 hectares of land to be replanted around Thésée and Monthou-sur-Cher.

During 2017 Paul and Anouk helped Bruno out with harvest and vinification and the young couple have since then continued the domaine under a new name, “Les Jardins de Theseeis”, with a distinct style of it’s own but nevertheless in deep respect for the meticulous work that Bruno had begun. 

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