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Katla Wines

Solfinn first met Jas Swan in Iceland while doing a pop up dinner at Dill in Reykjavík. He says: It didn’t take long to find mutual ground in drinking natural wine. So when I first heard of Jas starting her very own winery back home in Mosel, she had my full attention. We met a few times in different wine salons across Europe while she was working with different producers to learn the trade. For every time we met, she was more enthusiastic about the project. So my expectations grew. 

When we finally got to taste an early sample at Rødder & Vin for an impromptu tasting, the wines – far from being finished just yet – didn’t fail to impress. Far from it. The joke was that Jas was bringing different kinds of Riesling and I’ve always been a big sceptic of Riesling, falling into that pot as “young” sommelier. But that all changed after this meeting. Now Rødder & Vin is full of Riesling. Cause Jas doesn’t meet any “standards” of German Riesling. Inspiration is from all over the world, but without loosing its roots. This is an exceptional adventure and I’m grateful that I got in on the ride from the very beginning. But it’s not too late for you to hop on. The best parts are for sure to come still! Even if the first vintage hit it off on a very high level. 

Best add on with this truly great tasting was that Jas introduced us to Piri Naturel aka. Christine Pieroth. Another young producer out of Nahe, that we just can’t stop going on and on about!

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