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Daniel & Bianka Schmitt

The Schmitt winery in Flörsheim-Dalsheim in Rheinhessen has been in the family for over 230 years with Bianka and Daniel working their 16 hectares for more than a decade now. The young couple work in full biodynamics which they learned from legendary Alsace vigneron Patrick Meyer and as a matter of fact they’re only one out of 80 German winemakers to be certified by Demeter.

Bianka is originally from Budapest, Hungary, while Daniel is born and raised at the family winery in Flörsheim-Dalsheim. They met back in 2012 when Bianka was cellar hand in Daniel’s parents’ winery and the two fell in love. Today they have taken control and ownership over the family winery and are 100% natural wines made without added yeast, temperature control, sulfur or filtration. 

However, their decision to convert the old family winery first to organic and later to full biodynamic viticulture sure didn’t come easy and for us this proves that Bianka and Daniel are by no means willing to compromise when it comes to their beliefs and values – that being in wine or life in general. And that’s something we wan’t to support!

The range of wines from D.B. Schmitt can roughly be divided into three categories:

At the entry-level is the Frei.Körper.Kultur series which is natural wines with broad, popular appeal. The wines in this series stay 100% true to Bianka and Daniels believes while delivering straight forward and easy drinking wines that can be enjoyed at any given occasion – and yes, that’s the reason they come in the traditional German 1 liter bottles.

At the next level is the Natur series in which Bianka and Daniel really begin to show their skills as natural winemakers with an open and curious approach that yet remains solidly grounded in the German wine tradition and the respect for the Rheinhessen soil. These are natural wines that show varietal typicity, origin and an impressive clarity.

The high end range of wines from Bianka and Daniel generally require a bit more time and patience, but – each in their own way – the wines show a lot of character, depth and complexity. These wines might be easy to drink, but they’re very hard to forget.

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