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Extra Brut

Extra Brut vinification refers to the level of sweetness in sparkling wines, particularly those made in the traditional method like Champagne. “Extra Brut” is the driest style of sparkling wine, with less than 6 grams of sugar per liter. This means that the wine has very little sweetness and a higher acidity level. In the traditional method, after the primary and secondary fermentation, the wine is aged on its lees (dead yeast cells) before disgorging. The aging on lees allows the wine to gain complexity and aromas. In Extra Brut vinification style, the wine is aged on its lees for a shorter period before disgorging, this leads to less complexity but also drier taste.

It’s important to note that Extra Brut wines are not the same as non-dosage or zero dosage wines, which are not sweetened at all before bottling.

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