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An amphora is an ancient, clay or ceramic vessel that is used for storage and transportation of liquids, such as wine. It is characterized by a narrow neck and a bulbous body with two handles on the side.

In winemaking, the use of amphoras for fermentation and aging of wine is a traditional technique that has seen a resurgence in recent years, as winemakers are looking to reconnect with ancient methods and practices.

During fermentation, the amphoras provide a unique microclimate for the wine, as the porous clay allows for small amounts of oxygen to permeate through, which can have beneficial effects on the wine. For example, it can help to stabilize the wine, allowing the yeast and bacteria to develop in a way that promotes the formation of beneficial aromas and flavors.

After fermentation, wine stored in amphoras will continue to age and evolve over time, taking on unique characteristics imparted by the amphora. Amphoras are usually made of terra cotta, and it gives wine a different texture, taste, and smell. It can also add minerality and a subtle smokiness to the wine.

The use of amphoras for winemaking is a traditional and artisanal technique, and it requires a great deal of knowledge and skill.

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