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Not disgorged

In the traditional method of making sparkling wine, also known as the Méthode Traditionnelle, the wine is aged on its lees (dead yeast cells) before it is disgorged, which means the removal of the yeast and other sediment from the bottle, to produce a clear and elegant sparkling wine.

However, not all sparkling wines are disgorged, there are sparkling wines that are made using the traditional method and then not disgorged, known as “pas dosé” or “non-disgorged” sparkling wines. The wine is bottled after secondary fermentation without removing the yeast sediment, which gives the wine a cloudy appearance and also different flavors and textures.

Wines that are not disgorged have more yeast in the bottle, which can add more complexity and flavor to the wine. These wines will require more care when pouring, so as not to disturb the sediment. These wines are not as clear as the disgorges wines, but they have a different taste and can offer a more rustic and natural experience. They are also considered as a specialty or niche in the sparkling wine market.

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