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Méthode ancestrale

Méthode Ancestrale is a method of making sparkling wines, particularly those made in the Loire Valley region of France. This method is also known as the “ancestral method” or “pet-nat” (short for pétillant naturel). It is a ancient way of producing sparkling wines where the second fermentation, which produces bubbles, occurs in the bottle and the wine is not disgorged. This means that the yeast and other sediment are left in the bottle, giving the wine a cloudy appearance.

The process starts with a base wine that is bottled with some residual sugar and yeast, the secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle, and the carbon dioxide produced is trapped, creating bubbles. The wine is then bottled under a crown cap, like beer, rather than corked. The sediment will be in the bottle, so the wine will have to be poured carefully in order to avoid it in the glass.

Méthode Ancestrale wines are less effervescent than Champagne or other sparkling wines made using the traditional method, they are usually less carbonated, but also more complex and rustic. These wines are also relatively less expensive and often considered as a value alternative to traditional method sparkling wine.

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