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A barrique is a small oak barrel, typically with a capacity of around 225 liters, which is used for the aging of wine. The use of barriques (also spelled “barrels”) is a winemaking technique that is most commonly associated with the aging of red wine, particularly those made from grapes like Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.

The use of barriques can have a significant impact on the final wine, as the oak imparts a number of unique flavors, aromas, and tannins to the wine. The toasting of the wood also plays a role, it can give chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and smoky notes to the wine.

Barriques are also used for aging white wines, but it’s less common. The use of new oak can add vanilla, butter, and toast flavors to the white wines.

The duration of aging in barriques depends on the winemaker’s desired outcome and the grape variety, some wines are aged for several months, while others are aged for several years. Some winemakers choose to use new oak barrels for the aging process, while others prefer to use older or neutral barrels.

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